The Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) is a practical self defense system, which focuses on both open hand and weapons technique.  The strength of CTS is the training model used for instruction.  The training focuses on an understanding of the principles behind the techniques using the Socratic Method, through structured experimentation and asking questions.  During practice a pair of participants respectfully test each others’ techniques for weakness, thereby honing their skills such that countering a technique becomes progressively more difficult.

Carl Carey is a seasoned martial artist with a talent for teaching.  Carl is a patient instructor who leads by example, and fosters a safe and respectful environment during his classes.  I feel fortunate to have Carl as my teacher and recommend him as an instructor for anyone looking for a martial arts training environment that encourages safety, courtesy, and curiosity.

–  Bill Auffermann



  1. Brian Brown

July 24, 2012 at 10:46 am

I first met Carl Carey around 2003 and it was very clear to me from the get go that Carl was a very serious and very focused martial artist. In my 18 years of martial arts training I have never met a harder working martial artist than Carl Carey. I was so Impressed with Carl’s work ethic and passion for training I introduced him to my teacher Master Zach Whitson and soon after he made the decision to start his training in the Counterpoint Tactical System. Today Carl trains with Master Whitson and myself in the Counterpoint tactical System and Cacoy Doce Pares Escrima. Carl understand what makes martial arts techniques work and he can help you make your techniques work. If you are a serious martial artist looking for a great guy and a highly qualified instructor then you should seek out Carl Carey and his Atlanta Tactical Martial Arts.

Guro Brian Brown
Owner/Chief Instructor
Atlanta Martial Arts Club
770 873 2234


  1. Roger Pippin

July 27, 2012 at 2:42 pm

I’ve been training regularly with Carl for almost two years now: he is without doubt one of the finest instructors I have ever worked with. Carl is also the hardest working guy in the business, and I’m fairly sure he out trains anybody you’ve ever worked with.

After suffering a severe injury from another style of martial arts, Carl helped me re-train myself to be lighter, faster, and more subtle — all while constantly adjusting his teaching method to cope with my injury. Now that I’m (pretty much) completely healed, I continue to train with Carl several times a week.

My introduction to the CTS style developed by Master Whitson couldn’t have had a better ambassador. One of the most remarkable aspects of CTS is it’s modular structure that focuses on all four elements of realistic martial arts training — techniques, entries, attributes, and striking. Although I’ve been a student of martial arts since I was a small boy, and have black belts in other styles, only now do I feel like I’m really learning about fighting and strategy. I genuinely love CTS and everything it has to offer, which is considerable.

Carl is a fantastic teacher and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet — if you don’t train with him at least once you’re really missing out. Peace


  1. Eddie Pulliam

October 18, 2012 at 8:15 pm

I have been training with Carl for about a good month and a half. My skill set had dramatically increased doing so. I have been training on and off with different arts since around the age of 14, and never could find a art so versatile and deeply integrated such as this one my whole martial art career. Carl, from my experience, has always had an open mind for growth as an instructor as well as getting feed back from students. He has been a phenomenal teacher thus far fostering exponential growth within my skill set. I look forward to continuing my martial art development with Carl and would encourage and challenge anyone reading this testimony to get in contact with him to train at least once in your life time.

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