Private Lessons

Why private lessons?

Because you are worth my time and I don’t want to waste your time.  Private lessons are safer for both the teacher and student while insuring growth and communication for both the teacher and student. Check out the video page to see what a lesson looks like?

Private lessons are taught one on one in a modular fashion using tactile feel. Lessons are concentrated around BLOCKS and or MODULES. Each BLOCK has it’s own self-contained training drill. These drills done with an instructor, will accelerate the student’s learning and combative skills. Once the student learns the training model and becomes proficient within his BLOCK, he or she is then free to tackle the next BLOCK of material.

Typically each private is 1.5 hours long, although I only charge for one hour. All lessons are physical, as I respect your time and energy.  Thus, my lessons will give you a work out which will result in a functional skill-set and growth.  Please check out my testimonials above.

Where are the private lessons taught? Usually at my house studio, a semi-private park (if the weather is right), your house and or at a school studio where I rent out space.

Can I afford private lessons? I don’t know, how much is your time worth? Why do you want to train?

Do you require a uniform? No, just functional, comfortable clothes.

Do you teach women? I teach anybody that has the desire to learn and work hard.

If you are interested in getting a functional, high level skill set in the fastest manner possible, and or interested in learning more about the CTS modules, please call (912-275-0724) or schedule an appointment. Please see my testimonials in regards to the above.




Please feel free to purchase your private lessons below. Each lesson runs one hour. Once purchased, I will then place you on the schedule based on availability. Any questions, please call me at 912 275 0724.