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To create unique relationships in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area training in CTS where learning is safe, fun, synergetic, exponential, and cooperative in it’s very nature producing measurable metrics in both the student and the teacher. ­­



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Hello, my name is Carl Carey and I am a student of the arts and a CTS instructor/teacher under Master Zach Whitson. I believe in order to be an excellent teacher you first have to be an excellent student. However, being an excellent student, one needs to have access to excellent teachers and be exposed to training models which can produce measurable metrics. Through out my martial arts journey, I have always had very good teachers to guide me in my martial arts growth. Every good martial artist at any level and age, will have teachers. Great teachers, will invest in their pupils giving them the skills to become excellent students. Even more, a great teacher is not only one that can execute physical movement, but yet also one that can explain how to do the “physical movement.” Most teachers can do one, or the other well, but a great teacher can do both.

Currently, my primary Teacher(s) are Zach Whitson (CTS Founder), Brian Brown (CTS), George Kennedy 6th Dan, Shihan (Akido), and Robert Brian Levy, Chief Instructor at NOLA Aikido.

My teacher Master Zach Whitson


Short BIO

I have spent 20 years in Kenpo, studying, practicing, and teaching both Chinese and Parker Kenpo. Over these years, I have had numerous Kenpo Teachers. My first teacher was Ken McGuire(Chinese Kenpo) out of Atlanta, Ga. After Ken’s passing, I started my adventure in Parker Kenpo and ultimately earned my black belt under Francisco Vigoroux.

Currently, I am a First Brown Belt in CTS under Zach Whitson, a Brown Belt in Doce Pares under Zach Whitson, a 1st Kyu in Akido (George Kennedy 6th Dan, Shihan), and a Parker Kenpo Black Belt from the Francisco Vigoroux Kenpo linage.